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Player Year
BBWAA Most Valuable Player
George Bell 1987
BBWAA Cy Young Award
Roy Halladay 2003
Roger Clemens 1998
Roger Clemens 1997
Pat Hentgen 1996
BBWAA Rookie of the Year
Eric Hinske 2002
Alfredo Griffin 1979
BBWAA Manager of the Year
Bobby Cox 1985
MLB Hank Aaron Award
Jose Bautista 2010-2011
Carlos Delgado 2000
Leyland S. MacPhail Jr. Award (ALCS MVP)
Dave Stewart 1993
Roberto Alomar 1992
World Series Most Valuable Player
Paul Molitor 1993
Pat Borders 1992
Rawlings Gold Gloves
R.A. Dickey (P) 2013
Orlando Hudson (2B) 2005
Vernon Wells (OF) 2004-2006
Shawn Green (OF) 1999
Devon White (OF) 1991-1995
Roberto Alomar (2B) 1991-1995
Kelly Gruber (3B) 1990
Jesse Barfield (OF) 1986-1987
Tony Fernandez (SS) 1986-1989
The Sporting News Pitcher of the Year
Roy Halladay 2003
Roger Clemens 1997-98
Pat Hentgen 1996
Jimmy Key 1987
Dave Stieb 1982
The Sporting News Rookie Pitcher of the Year
Juan Guzman 1991
Mark Eichhorn 1986
The Sporting News Manager of the Year
Bobby Cox 1985
The Sporting News Player of the Year
Carlos Delgado 2000
George Bell 1987
The Sporting News Sportsmen of the Year
Pat Gillick/Cito Gaston 1993
Silver Slugger Award
Jose Bautista (OF) 2010-2011
Adam Lind (DH) 2009
Aaron Hill (2B) 2009
Vernon Wells (OF) 2003
Carlos Delgado (1B) 1999-2000, 2003
Shawn Green (OF) 1999
Jose Canseco (DH) 1998
Paul Molitor (DH) 1993
Dave Winfield (DH) 1992
Joe Carter (OF) 1991-1992
Roberto Alomar (2B) 1992
Kelly Gruber (3B) 1990
Fred McGriff (1B) 1989
George Bell (OF) 1985-1987
Jesse Barfield (OF) 1986
Lloyd Moseby (OF) 1983
Damaso Garcia (2B) 1982