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Front Office Directory

Chicago Cubs
Wrigley Field
Address: 1060 West Addison Street
City: Chicago, State: IL Zip Code: 60613-4397
Tel: 773-404-2827
  • Board of Directors

    Tom Ricketts
    Board of Directors
    Pete Ricketts
    Board of Directors
    Laura Ricketts
    Board of Directors
    Todd Ricketts
    Board of Directors
    Tribune Company
  • Baseball Operations

    President, Baseball Operations
    Theo Epstein
    Executive Vice President, General Manager
    Jed Hoyer
    Assistant General Manager
    Randy Bush
    Assistant General Manager
    Shiraz Rehman
    Director, Pro Scouting
    Joe Bohringer
    Director, Baseball Operations
    Scott Harris
    Director, Research & Development
    Chris Moore
    Assistant Director, Minor League Operations
    Bobby Basham
    Senior Advisor
    Billy Williams
    Special Assistant to the President/General Manager
    Ted Lilly
    Special Assistant to the President/General Manager
    Tim Wilken
    Special Assistant to the President/General Manager
    Kerry Wood
    Special Assistant to President/GM, Director of Major League Scouting
    Kyle Evans
    Special Assistant to the GM, Player Development
    Anthony Iapoce
    Special Assistant to the General Manager/Director, International Scouting
    Louis Eljaua
    Coordinator, Pro Scouting
    Andrew Bassett
    Coordinator, Major League Video/Pacific Liaison
    Naoto Masamoto
    Coordinator, Scouting & P.D. Video
    Mitchell Duggins
    Coordinator, Advance Scouting
    Nate Halm
    Coordinator, Advance Scouting
    Tommy Hottovy
    Assistant to the GM
    Jeff Greenberg
    Baseball Operations Assistant
    Darnell McDonald
    Executive Assistant to President/GM
    Hayley DeWitte
    Traveling Secretary
    Vijay Tekchandani
    Baseball Systems Architect
    Ryan Kruse
    Assistant Director, Research & Development
    Jeremy Greenhouse
    Assistant, Research & Development
    Sean Ahmed
    Assistant, Research & Development
    Chris Jones
    Assistant Baseball Systems Developer
    Albert Lyu
    Baseball Operations Assistant
    Greg Davey
  • Player Development and Amateur Scouting

    Senior Vice President, Player Development and Amateur Scouting
    Jason McLeod
    Director, Player Development
    Jaron Madison
    Director, Amateur Scouting
    Matt Dorey
    Assistant Director, Amateur Scouting
    Lukas McKnight
    Assistant Director, Player Development/International Scouting
    Alex Suarez
    Minor League Field Coordinator
    Tim Cossins
    Minor League Hitting Coordinator - SA/R/DSL
    Carmelo Martinez
    Minor League Pitching Coordinator
    Derek Johnson
    Minor League Infield Coordinator
    Jose Flores
    National Crosschecker
    Sam Hughes
    National Crosschecker
    Ronald Tostenson
    Head Minor Athletic Training and Performance Coordinator
    Nick Frangella
    Assistant Minor League Training Coordinator
    Chuck Baughman
    Minor League Strength and Conditioning Coordinator
    Doug Jarrow
    Coordinator, Cultural Programs
    Reynold Fuentes
    Coordinator, Minor League Administration
    Derrick Fong
    Amateur Scouting Assistant
    Shane Farrell
    Player Development/International Scouting Assistant
    Kenny Socorro
    Equipment Manager
    Dana Noeltner
    Minor League Assistant Clubhouse Manager
    Sam DeChristopher
  • Media Relations

    Director, Media Relations
    Peter Chase
    Assistant Director, Media Relations
    Jason Carr
    Coordinator, Media Relations
    Safdar Khan
    Assistant, Media Relations
    Alex Wilcox
  • Medical/Training Staff

    Team Physician
    Stephen Adams, M.D.
    Team Orthopaedist
    Stephen Gryzlo, M.D.
    Orthopaedic Consultant
    Michael Schafer, M.D.
    Director, Medical Administration
    Mark O'Neal
    Major League Athletic Trainer
    P.J. Mainville
    Major League Assistant Athletic Trainer
    Ed Halbur
    Major League Assistant Athletic Trainer
    Matt Johnson
    Strength and Conditioning Coordinator
    Tim Buss
    Major League Massage Therapist
    Vyacheslav Kodryan
  • Clubhouse Staff

    Home Clubhouse Manager
    Tom Hellmann
    Visiting Clubhouse Manager
    Mike Burkhart
    Home Clubhouse Assistant
    Gary Stark
  • Business Operations

    President, Business Operations
    Crane Kenney
    Business Operations Senior Advisor
    Mark McGuire
    Executive Assistant to the Chairman
    Lorraine Swiatly
    Manager, Board and Stakeholder Relations
    Sarah Poontong
  • Mesa Operations

    General Manager, Mesa Spring Training Business Operations
    Justin Piper
    Spring Training, Director of Facility and Fields
    John Knight
    Director, Sales - Spring Training
    Michael McAdams
    Manager, Fan Experience & Partnership Activation
    Lauren Shadid
  • Strategy & Development

    Senior Vice President, Strategy and Development
    Alex Sugarman
    Director, Strategy & Development
    Jason Sondag
    Associate, Strategy & Development
    A.J. Riddell
  • Accounting

    Senior Vice President, CFO.
    Jon Greifenkamp
    Melissa Shields
    Director, Sourcing & Procurement
    Patrick Meenan
    Assistant Director, Finance and Risk Management
    Jamie Norton
    Assistant Controller
    Mike Van Poucke
    Manager, Disbursements and Collections
    Theresa Bacholzky
    Manager, Risk Management
    Dino Stiris
    Senior Accountant
    Marian Greene
    Senior Accountant
    Katie Tresnowski
    Staff Accountant
    Mario Becerra
    Payroll Specialist
    Georgia Giannos
    Coordinator, Accounting
    Callahan DePorter
    Accounting Financial Analyst
    Laura Kisling
    Business Analyst
    Neal Gettling
  • Human Resources

    Vice President, Human Resources
    Bryan Robinson
    Assistant Director, Human Resources
    Rachel O'Connell
    Human Resource Manager, Ballpark Operations
    Danielle Alexa
    Human Resources Staffing Lead
    Marisol Widmayer
    Coordinator, Benefits
    Jorge Quezada
    Human Resources Coordinator
    Annie Scalise
  • Ballpark Operations

    Vice President, Ballpark Operations
    Carl Rice
    Senior Director, Wrigley Field Event Operations
    Matt Kenny
    Director, Safety & Security Operations
    James Reynolds
    Director, Fan Experiences
    Jahaan Blake
    Assistant Director, Guest Services
    Hannah Basinger
    Assistant Director, Event Operations & Security
    Derek Crawford
    Manager, Facility Maintenance
    Russell Johnson
    Supervisor, Safety & Security
    Julius Farrell
    Senior Coordinator, Office Services
    Randy Skocz
    Head Groundskeeper
    Roger Baird
    Assistant Head Groundskeeper
    Justin Spillman
    Supervisor, Stadium Cleaning
    Bill Scott
    Coordinator, Parking and Exterior Event Operations
    Ryan Mortensen
    Coordinator, Facilities
    Mark Lill
    Event Services Schedule and Payroll Assistant
    Kelly Bilbrey
    Administrative Assistant/Associate Events Coordinator
    Becky Rasor
  • Information Technology

    Senior Director, Information Technology
    Andrew McIntyre
    Assistant Director, Application Development
    Steve Inman
    Manager, IT Infrastructure & Operations
    Sundeep Bhatia
    Senior Telecommunication Analyst
    Lucas Luecke
    Data Architect
    Chris Brummett
    Systems Analyst
    Kevin Kirkpatrick
    Application Developer
    Tom Dambra
    Service Desk Analyst
    Megan Wells
    System Administrator
    Joel Guth
    Database Developer
    Bob Weiss
  • Community Affairs

    EVP, Community and Government Affairs/Chief Legal Officer
    Michael Lufrano
    Director, Community Affairs
    Connie Falcone
    Manager, Chicago Cubs Charities Programs
    Jennifer Dedes Nowak
    Manager, Fundraising and Community Events
    Abby Suarez
    Coordinator, Community Programs
    Molly Oelerich
    Coordinator, Fundraising Programs
    Jeff Magee
    Coordinator, Team Family Relations
    Brittany Reynoso
    Executive Assistant, Community Affairs
    Brittany Burcham
  • Legal

    VP, General Counsel
    Lydia Wahlke
    Mike Feldman
    Joshua Castor
  • Communications

    Vice President, Communications and Community Affairs
    Julian Green
    Assistant Director, Organizational Communications
    Lindsay Bago
    Manager, Communications
    Kevin Saghy
    Coordinator, Public Relations
    Alyson Cohen
  • Marketing Department

    Senior Director, Marketing
    Alison Miller
    Assistant Director, Relationship Marketing
    Kelly Linstroth
    Manager, Broadcast Relations
    Joe Rios
    Manager, Game & Event Production
    Jim Oboikowitch
    Assistant Director, Brand Development & Activation
    John Morrison
    Manager, Wrigley Field Video Board Operations
    Matt Romito
    Coordinator, Entertainment & Event Production
    Kaitlyn August
    Coordinator, Mascot
    Alex Collins
    Coordinator, Brand Initiatives
    Stephanie Shaw
    Coordinator, Authentics & Licensing
    Patrick Manaher
    Video & Graphics Producer
    Kelly King
  • Sales and Partnerships

    Vice President, Sales and Partnerships
    Colin Faulkner
    Corporate Partnerships
    Senior Director, Corporate Partnerships
    Allen Hermeling
    Assistant Director, Corporate Partnerships Sales Operations
    Brian O'Connor
    Account Executive
    Alex Seyferth
    Account Executive
    Chris Sloan
    Account Executive
    Ashley Strid
    Account Manager
    Ryan Balogh
    Account Manager
    Greg Bloedorn
    Account Manager
    Andrea Burke
    Activation Specialist
    Carrie Collins
    Activation Specialist
    Julia Stoiber
    Activation Specialist
    Adriana Villanueva
    Sales Specialist
    Ashley Beirne
    Sales Specialist
    Natalie McKerjee
    Coordinator, Corporate Partnerships
    Jamie King
    Ticket Sales
    Director, Ticket Sales
    Andy Blackburn
    Manager, Premier Sales
    Nathan Strick
    Manager, Cubs Sales Development Program
    Chris Weddige
    Account Executive, Premier Sales
    Evans Adonis
    Account Executive, Premier Sales
    Louis Artiaga
    Account Executive, Premier Sales
    Tom Grossinger
    Account Executive, Premier Sales
    Colleen Pastuovic
    Premier Sales Specialist
    Steve Brauer
    Premier Sales Specialist
    Diego Chahda
    Group Sales Representative
    Jason Tuton
    Group Sales Representative
    Chelsea Naylor
    Group Sales Representative
    Samantha Thrower
    Group Sales Representative
    Gianna Siragusa
    Ticket Sales Representative
    Matt Marble
    Ticket Operations
    Senior Director, Ticketing
    Cale Vennum
    Manager, Wrigley Field Ticket Office
    Miguel DeJesus
    Manager, Fan Services & Tour Experiences
    Evan Hill
    Manager, Ticket Operations
    Whitney Irwin
    Coordinator, Ticket Operations
    Jessica Carravallah
    Coordinator, Ticket Operations
    Michael Domingo
    Wrigley Field Tours Assistant
    Alex Roberts
    Switchboard Operator/Receptionist
    Brenda Morgan
    Fan Service Associate
    Madeline Agathen
    Fan Service Associate
    Kyle Colvin
    Fan Service Associate
    Trevor Leander
    Fan Service Associate
    Chris Rhyce
    Fan Service Associate
    Betsy Schwartz
    Fan Service Associate
    Stephani Young
    Ticket Services
    Director, Ticket Service
    Brian Garza
    Manager, Ticket Service
    Brad Nagel
    Manager, Premier Service
    Caroline Phillips
    Manager, Season Ticket Service
    Kevin Enerson
    Manager, Season Ticket Service
    Karry Kerness
    Season Ticket Holder Service Representative
    Mike Bolz
    Season Ticket Holder Service Representative
    Frank Cascella
    Season Ticket Holder Service Representative
    Jennifer Conlin
    Season Ticket Holder Service Representative
    Zach Conti
    Season Ticket Holder Service Representative
    Tom Fitzgerald
    Season Ticket Holder Service Representative
    Regina Nicholson
    Coordinator, Premier Service and Event
    Kristi King
  • Wrigley Field Gameday Personnel

    Public Address Announcer
    Andrew Belleson
    Gary Pressy
    Umpires Room Attendant
    Tom Farinella
    Phyllis Donnan