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07/20/10 10:08 PM ET

Comments on Piniella's announcement

"I said this before, there's only one Lou. You talk about genuine, and he's as genuine as they come. I have a lot of respect for him, and I had the privilege of talking to him last time [the Cubs] were in town. I kind of knew at that time some thoughts were on his mind. What an impact he's had on the game as a player and a manager. It'll be a sad day at the end of the year."
-- Don Wakamatsu, Mariners manager

"A lot of respect. I think this man, when you talk about baseball, period, Lou Piniella's name has to come up. As a player, as a coach, as a manager, I think this guy will be in the Hall of Fame. When you make decisions like that, drastic because he had to think about it. That's easy when you have his age and had the career that he had and had the privilege to have to power to say' 'I'm done.'" You look at guys like Bobby Cox, Lou, Cito [Gaston], they don't give guys opportunity to fire them or leave baseball the wrong way or the way they should be. They go back home the way they should -- with his head up.

"I feel sorry for his wife. And I feel sorry for him."
-- Ozzie Guillen, White Sox manager

"He's had a great career. I got to know the guy [because] at one time we had the same agent. When he was in Tampa [and Macha was managing the A's] we had several long discussions about the job and philosophies, stuff like that. When you can speak to somebody who has had that kind of success, you want to learn. He was helpful to me."
-- Ken Macha, Brewers manager

"I brought him here because I knew he was a winner. And you know what? I think he proved me right. He's always been a winner. As a player, a hitting instructor, a manager, it's always been part of his nature to want to win. He came out here and made believers I think out of the Northwest."
-- Woody Woodward, former Mariners GM

"He was the greatest manager I ever played for, hands down. There was accountability and that's the one thing I loved about him. He immediately, from the first day he stepped in here, completely turned the atmosphere, approach and mentality around. He changed it and it was well-needed."
-- Jay Buhner, former Mariners OF

"I loved him. I'm glad I got the opportunity to play for him. His knowledge of the game and understanding of the players and what he brought to the game was so unique. It was definitely a learning experience."
-- Kevin Gregg, Blue Jays reliever

"I know he's not a B.S.'er, so if he said it, he means it. But it's possible he'll change his mind too."
-- Tony La Russa, Cardinals manager

"He was a great player, somebody I respected as a player and as a manager and got to know him. One of my best friends works for him everyday, and he's got a lot to say about Lou, and it's all positive. It's kind of sad in a way, but it sounds like it's what he wants to do and he's ready for it. We wish him well and hope to see him around the park sometime. ... He was always great."
-- Kirk Gibson, D-backs manager

"Lou's a good friend. ... I enjoy talking to Lou. He's one of those personalities you enjoy being around and he's good for the game. Everybody loves Lou and his antics and that's going to be missed. It's been a really nice career for Lou. He has worn a lot of hats -- GM, manager, player, clutch player -- and he's done very well. I'm not surprised. He kind of hinted this could be it."
-- Bruce Bochy, Giants manager

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