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10/01/08 10:55 PM ET

Lou Piniella postgame interview

Believes pitching deep into the game is key for the series

Could you or Larry see anything with Dempster as for the cause of the wildness?

LOU PINIELLA: No, I asked Larry a few times. He said that he was overthrowing and he couldn't get a good rhythm out there.

We talked about the importance of throwing strikes before the ballgame today. I thought that would be a big key. And their guys threw strikes and ours didn't. It hurts.

Was there any point in that inning where you were close to getting Ryan out before that?

LOU PINIELLA: He hadn't given up a run. He pitched himself out of trouble an inning or two before. We were concerned about his pitch count, but no, we were going to let him get himself out of trouble.

Invariably when you keep putting people on, they're going to score at times. They scored there quickly with that grand slam.

Your big guns once again didn't come up with any offense.

LOU PINIELLA: Well, it's Game 1 only. Let's hope we get better with it. We need to swing the bats, no question.

Is it something of a comfort to know that there is so much room to improve? The top five of your guys only getting two hits. You walk seven batters.

LOU PINIELLA: We walked their pitcher twice. I can't remember us doing that all summer. You walk the pitcher to get the front part, middle part of their lineup (laughing), that's tough to do.

What was the question about the two hits?

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It just gives you a lot of room to improve.

LOU PINIELLA: Listen, we need Zambrano to go out there and pitch a good ballgame for us tomorrow and get us to our short relief. I thought one of the keys in this series, too, was for the starting pitchers to go deep into the game. Today obviously that didn't happen, and their team tacked on runs on us.

I know it's only one game. You indicated to us beforehand that you'd like to stick with this lineup. Would you consider making any changes?

LOU PINIELLA: We'll see. We'll see tomorrow. I'm not sure. Let's wait until tomorrow and see.

There were a couple times, I think especially with Ramirez, that you guys got ahead and then the at bat got away. Is that just command, or is there some approach there, too?

LOU PINIELLA: I don't know. I mean, this guy is a pretty good hitter. We were trying to make good pitches on him. But we were behind in the count to too many hitters. I don't know, how many did we walk today? Seven, eight? I mean, that's not a formula to win, believe me. And we didn't win.

So let's put this one behind us and go get 'em tomorrow.

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