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12/24/07 7:00 PM ET

Q&A with Sam Fuld

Cubs prospect, battling diabetes, is a two-holiday athlete

Sam Fuld's holiday wish list is short. The outfielder is hoping he'll get a spot on the Cubs' Opening Day roster in 2008. That's not too much to ask for.

Fuld made a good impression defensively during his brief callup in 2007. He followed that with a super season in the Arizona Fall League, when he became the first to win both the league's MVP award and the Dernell Stenson Award, presented to the player who displays the best leadership qualities.

"Who knows about next year?" Fuld said.

This is a special kid. He has Type 1 diabetes, and has tried to help others. He donated the money raised from the auction he had in conjunction with winning the Stenson Award to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Fuld does know about the holidays. He celebrates twice in December. He'll explain why.

MLB.com: You celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah, right?

Fuld: Right. My father is Jewish and my mother is Catholic. Christmas has always been a big deal. Obviously, because of the way Christmas is, it's a favorite over Hanukkah. From a young age, you get more gifts at Christmas, so it's always more exciting. We always have family over at Christmas.

MLB.com: You still celebrate Hanukkah?

Fuld: Yes, but it's very low key. We light the menorah, things like that. I have the best of both worlds. I had a couple Jewish friends who were jealous of everybody. I was fortunate. We celebrate both.

MLB.com: Do you put up a real tree or an artificial one?

Fuld: We do the real thing. There's plenty of places up here in New Hampshire to cut down trees. I haven't participated in a while -- my folks do that. I help with the decorating. It's a good time with the family. We always decorate the tree together.

MLB.com: Is there a favorite part of Christmas morning?

Fuld: We always look forward to the stockings. We hang the stockings the night before and the next morning we'll open them up first. It's always a little bit of a competition between myself and my [younger] sister. It was a competition to see who had more in their stocking, and whose stocking was bigger.

MLB.com: Let's get to the important stuff like food, especially dessert.

Fuld: We always have pies -- apple pies. My mother always finds a way to get cookies in the house. She'll go to a cookie swap and come back with 30 types of cookies.

MLB.com: Do you have a favorite Christmas gift?

Fuld: I got [NHL Boston] Bruins tickets once. I got those back when they were playing in the [Boston] Garden. That was a big deal.

MLB.com: OK, the other key question -- colored lights or white?

Fuld: We do both. We have colored lights on the tree, and we don't do lights on the outside, but we do candles on the windows with white lights. It's a mix. It's not too flashy. We live on a dead-end road, so there's nobody to show off for.

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