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10/01/2006 5:27 PM ET
MacPhail resigns as president of Chicago Cubs; McDonough named interim president
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The Chicago Cubs today announced Andy MacPhail is resigning as president of the organization effective immediately. MacPhail will remain with the club to ensure a smooth transition to a new president and to complete his assignment representing Major League Baseball in negotiating a new collective bargaining agreement with the Major League Baseball Players Association.

"I was brought to Chicago to accomplish one goal and that was to win the World Series," MacPhail said. "Despite plenty of time and resources, I was unable to get the job done. I want to thank Tribune Company and the millions of die-hard Cubs fans for their support and friendship over the last 12 years. Hopefully, the Cubs will win the World Series soon, you all deserve it. In the meantime, I will do my best to represent the team in current League matters."

"Andy has made significant contributions to the Cubs organization over the past 12 years," said Dennis FitzSimons, Tribune Company chairman, president and chief executive officer. "We appreciate those contributions and the fact he will be staying with the organization to ensure a smooth transition. It's been my pleasure to work with Andy and I expect his role as a leader in baseball to continue for some time to come."

John McDonough, Cubs senior vice president of marketing and broadcasting, will serve as interim president. Jim Hendry will continue as general manager, in charge of all baseball operations.

"We're fortunate to have an executive of John McDonough's leadership, talent and ability," FitzSimons said. "He has long been recognized as one of the top marketing professionals in Major League Baseball. John and Jim Hendry have one mandate: To win a world championship for the incredibly loyal fans of the Chicago Cubs."

MacPhail joined the Cubs in 1994 as president and chief executive officer and during his tenure the team reached the playoffs twice and advanced to the National League Championship Series in 2003. He also guided the expansion and modernization of Wrigley Field.

"Andy has always recognized the tradition and importance of Wrigley Field and he always put the fans first during the renovation process," said Crane Kenney, Tribune Company senior vice president and general counsel. "He has been a careful steward of the ballpark, preserving its traditions while also modernizing the facility to improve the experience for Cub fans."

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