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12/05/2003 11:00 AM ET
Letter to season ticket holders

December 4, 2003

Dear Season Ticket Holder,

Although we fell a little bit short of our goal of a World Series Championship, the 2003 season certainly brought plenty of thrills and excitement to our fans. As a season ticket holder, you had a guaranteed seat as nearly 3 million poured into Wrigley Field. We appreciate your loyalty and look forward to an even more successful campaign in 2004.

Please return the enclosed renewal form to us by mail or fax by December 15 to reserve your seats for the promising 2004 season. Even though a deposit is not necessary, we need to hear from you to avoid reassigning your seat location to others looking to upgrade. We request payment in full by January 16, 2004. You may also renew on-line by visiting

The enclosed fact sheet indicates 2004 ticket prices. We will again have a three tier structure (Value - Regular - Prime) which we believe most accurately reflects the demand for our tickets and provides for wider purchasing options for our fans.

We again anticipate providing the opportunity to resell the few tickets you are unable to use through an on-line service. Based on the many favorable comments received, those who used this service were pleased with the results.

Please contact your personal customer service representative in our office if you have any questions.


Frank Maloney
Director of Ticket Operations


  • 8 Value Dates
    Mon. thru Thurs. afternoon games in April, May and Sept., except holidays

  • 45 Regular Dates
    Weekends, nights and all weekday games except Value Dates and Prime Dates

  • 28 Prime Dates
    Opening Day, all Fri., Sat., & Sun. and night games in June & July and all Fri., Sat., & Sun. games in Aug.

      8 Value 45 Regular 28 Prime
    Club Box (Infield Box) $23 $40 $50
    Club Box (Outfield Box) $18 $36 $44
    Field Box (Infield Box) $18 $36 $44
    Field Box (Outfield Box) $16 $32 $40
    Terrace Box $14 $28 $36
    Upper Deck Box $14 $28 $36
    Terrace Reserved $10 $20 $26
    Upper Deck Reserved $6 $14 $17
    Bleacher $15 $26 $35


    Daily Plan: 81 Games, 28 Prime Dates, 45 Regular Dates, 8 Value Dates
    Combination Plan: 49 Games, 21 Prime Dates, 28 Regular Dates
    Double Play: 21 Games, 7 Prime Dates,11 Regular Dates, 3 Value Dates

    New Season Ticket Sales for the 2004 Season begin on January 8th, 2004. For more information, please call (773) 404-2827

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