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Sunday, June 1, 2014:
Brewers 9, Cubs 0
Bonifacio, E, CF-3B4000000.269
Lake, LF-CF4010010.250
Rizzo, 1B1000011.267
Grimm, P0000000.000
Schlitter, P10100001.000
Russell, J, P0000000.000
a-Ruggiano, PH1000000.239
Castro, S, SS4000003.272
Schierholtz, RF3010011.212
Castillo, W, C1000000.242
Baker, Jo, C2000012.163
Olt, 3B-1B3000022.162
Barney, 2B3000000.179
Samardzija, P1000000.148
Coghlan, LF2000000.139
a-Grounded out for Russell, J in the 9th.
Segura, SS4110002.268
Falu, SS0000000.000
Braun, RF3222100.327
Lucroy, C3000101.317
Gomez, C, CF3000000.313
Davis, K, LF4100012.253
Gennett, 2B4331000.281
Reynolds, Ma, 3B2100111.205
Herrera, E, 3B1000010.226
Overbay, 1B4113011.211
Lohse, P3022000.179
TB: Lake; Schierholtz; Schlitter.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Olt.
Team RISP: 0-for-2.
Team LOB: 4.

DP: 2 (Barney-Olt; Bonifacio, E-Barney-Olt).

2B: Gennett 2 (11, Samardzija, Samardzija); Overbay (5, Samardzija).
HR: Braun (9, 1st inning off Samardzija, 1 on, 0 out); Gennett (3, 5th inning off Grimm, 0 on, 1 out).
TB: Braun 5; Gennett 8; Overbay 2; Lohse 2; Segura.
RBI: Braun 2 (28); Lohse 2 (4); Overbay 3 (14); Gennett (15).
2-out RBI: Lohse 2; Overbay 3.
GIDP: Davis, K; Lucroy.
Team RISP: 3-for-6.
Team LOB: 2.

Samardzija(L, 1-5)3.08882312.54
Russell, J1.00000103.46
Lohse(W, 7-1)9.03000602.60
Game Scores: Samardzija 12; Lohse 87.
HBP: Rizzo (by Lohse); Gomez, C (by Samardzija).
Pitches-strikes: Samardzija 65-43; Grimm 28-16; Schlitter 18-12; Russell, J 10-8; Lohse 93-61.
Groundouts-flyouts: Samardzija 1-1; Grimm 5-0; Schlitter 6-0; Russell, J 0-2; Lohse 11-6.
Batters faced: Samardzija 19; Grimm 7; Schlitter 6; Russell, J 3; Lohse 31.
Ejections: Chicago Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo ejected by HP umpire Jerry Meals (4th)
Umpires: HP: Jerry Meals. 1B: Paul Emmel. 2B: Jordan Baker. 3B: Angel Campos.
Weather: 84 degrees, cloudy.
Wind: 16 mph, Out to RF.
First pitch: 1:10 PM.
T: 2:18.
Att: 36,277.
Venue: Miller Park.
June 1, 2014
Compiled by MLB Advanced Media