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League Championship Series
Championship Series:
AL: Red Sox-Yankees, Gm 7
NL: Astros-Cardinals, Gm 7
Division Series:
AL: Twins-Yankees
AL: Red Sox-Angels
NL: Dodgers-Cards
NL: Astros-Braves

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10/21, GAME 7:  Cardinals 5, Astros 2  Wrap >
Astros Gameday Audio
The Astros scored first, but the Cards pulled away late and will go to the World Series.
English KTRH | Spanish KLAT

Play-by-play highlights
 Jose Vizcaino grounds out to end it
 Carlos Beltran scores on error
 Craig Biggio's solo homer in first
Cardinals Gameday Audio
Scott Rolen's homer off Roger Clemens sent the Cardinals to the World Series.
English KMOX

Play-by-play highlights
 Cardinals win the NLCS
 Larry Walker's RBI single in eighth
 Scott Rolen's two-run homer in sixth
 Albert Pujols' RBI double in sixth
 Jeff Suppan's suicide squeeze in third
Scott Rolen
 Albert Pujols and Scott Rolen address media
Game 7 heroes Albert Pujols (left) and Scott Rolen talk about the victory that earned the Cardinals a spot in the World Series.
 Phil Garner's postgame interview
The Astros manager congratulates the Cardinals and talks about Game 7.
 More clips to hear
 Tony La Russa addresses the media
 Larry Walker on his first World Series
 Julian Tavarez on the bullpen's work
 Steve Kline says he'll be ready for the Series
 Chris Carpenter says he might play in Series
 Carlos Beltran chats with
 Roy Oswalt chats with
 Craig Biggio: It wasn't our year

 Larry Walker: Not thinking about Red Sox
 Jeff Bagwell praises Albert Pujols
 Edgar Renteria on returning to the Series
 Reggie Sanders talks about his team
 Jeff Bagwell on the Cards' defense
 Woody Williams on playing in World Series
 Jeff Suppan on winning Game 7
 Ray King on facing the Red Sox

10/20, GAME 6:  Cardinals 6, Astros 4  Wrap >
Astros Gameday Audio
Dan Miceli's 0-1 offering to Jim Edmonds landed in the Cards' bullpen, forcing Game 7.
English KTRH | Spanish KLAT

Play-by-play highlights
 Dan Miceli gives up walk-off homer
 Jeff Bagwell's game-tying RBI in ninth
 Mike Lamb's diving grab on Scott Rolen
 Vizcaino nails Pujols at plate in fourth
 Mike Lamb's solo homer in fourth
 Jeff Bagwell's RBI double in third
 Lance Berkman's sacrifice fly in first
Cardinals Gameday Audio
A walk-off home run by the Cardinals' Jim Edmonds forced a Game 7 in the NLCS.
English KMOX

Play-by-play highlights
 Jim Edmonds hits walk-off homer
 Albert Pujols thrown out at plate in fourth
 Edgar Renteria's RBI single in third
 Albert Pujols' two-run homer in first
Jim Edmonds
 Jim Edmonds addresses the media
Jim Edmonds talks about his 12th-inning at-bat against Astros reliever Dan Miceli and the towering home run that sent the Cardinals to Game 7.
 Reggie Sanders on Tony La Russa
The Cardinals' Reggie Sanders (left) talks about what Tony La Russa means to the club.
 More clips to hear
 Phil Garner talks about the loss
 Jim Edmonds' KMOX interview
 Ray King on his role in the Game 6 win
 Dan Miceli on Jim Edmonds' home run
 Craig Biggio: We're playing tomorrow
 Jim Hickey talks about Game 6
 Jeff Bagwell on having Clemens for Game 7
 Gerry Hunsicker talks about Carlos Beltran
 Gerry Hunsicker reacts to Julian Tavarez's fine

 Tony La Russa: I felt happy and stupid
 Berkman on regrouping for Game 7
 Mike Lamb talks about his home run
 Matt Morris talks about his Game 6 effort
 Brad Lidge on Dan Miceli's performance
 Adam Everett on his first postseason at-bat
 Beltran on being walked in the ninth
 Red Schoendienst on the '64 Cardinals
 Mike Shannon talks about the '64 Cardinals

10/19, OFF DAY
 Closer Brad Lidge chats with
The Astros' closer wants to turn the Lights Out on the Cards, not focus on individual accomplishments.
 Phil Garner says he is focused on Game 6
Houston's skipper isn't looking past Wednesday's game against the Cardinals.
 More clips to hear
 Pete Munro on getting the call for Game 6
 Jeff Bagwell: It's not over yet

 Jim Hickey talks about Pete Munro
 Carlos Beltran talks about his diving play in Game 5

10/18, GAME 5:  Astros 3, Cardinals 0  Wrap >
Cardinals Gameday Audio
A ninth-inning rally gave the Astros a huge win over the Cardinals in Game 5.
English KMOX

Play-by-play highlights
 Isringhausen gives up homer to Kent
 Albert Pujols makes nice diving play
 Tony Womack breaks up no-hitter
 Scott Rolen makes diving play
Astros Gameday Audio
A towering walk-off home run by Jeff Kent put the Astros up 3-2 in the NLCS.
English KTRH | Spanish KLAT

Play-by-play highlights
 Jeff Kent's walk-off homer in ninth
 Carlos Beltran makes a diving catch
Jeff Kent (Pat Sullivan/AP)
 Brandon Backe talks to the media
Astros starter Brandon Backe talks about his six innings of no-hit ball and how he prepared for his big Game 5 start against the Cardinals.
 Jeff Kent talks about his homer
The Astros second baseman talks about the scenario that led to his walk-off homer.
 More clips to hear
 Jason Isringhausen on Kent's homer
 Woody Williams on the tough loss
 Tony La Russa talks about momentum
 Phil Garner's postgame interview
 Morgan Ensberg on the team's defense
 Morgan Ensberg: We're more than Killer B's
 Craig Biggio on being one win away
 Astros owner Drayton McLane chats
 Astros president Tal Smith chats with

 Jeff Kent on Backe and Beltran
 Brad Lidge talks about Brandon Backe
 Jeff Bagwell talks about the Game 5 win
 Carlos Beltran looks ahead to Game 6
 Carlos Beltran on his defensive gems
 Clemens on possible Game 6 start
 Andy Pettitte talks about Brad Lidge
 Steve Kline talks about his injured finger
 Roger Clemens talks about his son Kody

10/17, GAME 4:  Astros 6, Cardinals 5  Wrap >
Cardinals Gameday Audio
The Cardinals pitching staff couldn't quiet the Astros lineup, dropping Game 4 in Houston.
English KMOX

Play-by-play highlights
 Scott Rolen strikes out to end game
 Albert Pujols' RBI single in fourth
 Jim Edmonds' sacrifice fly in third
 John Mabry's RBI single in first
 Albert Pujols' two-run homer in first
Astros Gameday Audio
A late home run from Carlos Beltran lifted the Astros over the Cards and evened the NLCS.
English KTRH | Spanish KLAT

Play-by-play highlights
 Brad Lidge fans Scott Rolen for final out
 Carlos Beltran's eighth playoff HR
 Raul Chavez's RBI single in sixth
 Lance Berkman's solo homer in sixth
 Lance Berkman's two-run double in third
 Jeff Bagwell's RBI double in first
Lance Berkman
 Phil Garner addresses the media
The Astros manager talks about Carlos Beltran's big home run, Roy Oswalt's struggles and the clutch RBI single by Raul Chavez (left).
 Tony La Russa on Carlos Beltran
The Cardinals manager talks about Carlos Beltran's explosive bat.
 More clips to hear
 Carlos Beltran talks about his big HR
 Jeff Bagwell on near confrontation with Tavarez
 Lance Berkman talks about his Game 4 home run
 Jeff Bagwell chats with
 Brad Lidge talks about his performance in Game 4
 Jason Marquis on his Game 4 start
 Kiko Calero on his Game 4 outing
 Nolan Ryan chats with the media
 Nolan Ryan: Roger Clemens is one of the best ever

 Carlos Beltran on his homer streak
 Roy Oswalt chats with
 Jeff Kent talks about the Game 4 victory
 Craig Biggio chats with
 Reliever Dan Wheeler talks about Game 4
 Julian Tavarez on walking Jeff Bagwell
 Astros owner Drayton McLane says he's proud
 Red Schoendienst on current, past Cardinals
 Nolan Ryan: Carlos Beltran deal was key ingredient

10/16, GAME 3:  Astros 5, Cardinals 2  Wrap >
Cardinals Gameday Audio
The Cardinals couldn't get anything going against the Astros' Roger Clemens in Game 3.
English KMOX

Play-by-play highlights
 John Mabry strikes out to end Game 3
 Scott Rolen strikes out in eighth
 Larry Walker's solo homer in first
 Jim Edmonds' solo homer in second
Astros Gameday Audio
Seven strong innings by Roger Clemens led the Astros past the Cardinals in Game 3.
English KTRH | Spanish KLAT

Play-by-play highlights
 Brad Lidge gets the final out
 Carlos Beltran's solo homer in eighth
 Lance Berkman's solo homer in eighth
 Lance Berkman's RBI single in first
Roger Clemens
 Brad Lidge addresses the media
The Astros' closer talks about Roger Clemens' huge performance and being able to close out the team's Game 3 win.
 Larry Walker talks about the Astros' win
The Cardinals' slugger talks about the performances by Carlos Beltran and Brad Lidge.
 More clips to hear
 Tony La Russa talks about the loss
 Jeff Bagwell on winning Game 3
 Jeff Suppan on his Game 3 performance
 Brad Ausmus on Brad Lidge
 Andy Pettitte on his wife's singing
 Craig Biggio on the Game 3 victory
 Carlos Beltran on his hot hitting
 Hunsicker: Bullpen has been exposed
 Shannon: This is the best Cardinals club I've seen

 Phil Garner talks about Brad Lidge
 Jeff Kent on the team effort
 Jim Hickey on Clemens and Lidge
 Ray King on coming back for Game 4
 Lance Berkman on his Game 3 homer
 Morgan Ensberg on Game 4 starter Roy Oswalt
 Roger Clemens' postgame comments
 Astros pitching coach Jim Hickey on stopping Cards
 Carlos Beltran talks about being back home

10/15, OFF DAY
 Tony La Russa chats with
The Cardinals manager talks about Scott Rolen's performance in Game 2 and being up 2-0 as the series shifts to Houston.
 Former Astro Art Howe talks about his old team
The one-time Astros player and former Houston skipper says this series isn't finished just yet.
 More clips to hear
 Mitchell Page on his relationship with Albert Pujols
 Former Major Leaguer Darnell Coles talks about NLCS
 Tony Womack comments on Roger Clemens
 Julian Tavarez: Cardinals are in control of the series
 Chris Carpenter chats with
 Brian McRae talks to Pete Munro

 Dave Duncan talks about Steve Kline's injury
 Marlon Anderson: "Tony La Russa made me better"
 Cedeno on his success against Clemens
 Game 3 starter Suppan chats with
 Julian Tavarez on losing reliever Steve Kline

10/14, GAME 2:  Cardinals 6, Astros 4  Wrap >
Astros Gameday Audio
Houston's bullpen couldn't hold off the mighty St. Louis bats in Game 2 of the NLCS.
English KTRH | Spanish KLAT

Play-by-play highlights
 Morgan Ensberg flies out to end game
 Morgan Ensberg's RBI single
 Lance Berkman's RBI single in fifth
 Morgan Ensberg's solo homer in fourth
 Carlos Beltran's solo homer in first
Cardinals Gameday Audio
Late homers by Albert Pujols and Scott Rolen (right) gave the Cards a huge win in Game 2.
English KMOX

Play-by-play highlights
 Cardinals record final out of Game 2
 Scott Rolen's solo homer in eighth
 Albert Pujols' solo homer in eighth
 Scott Rolen's two-run homer in fifth
 Larry Walker's two-run homer in fifth
Scott Rolen
 Rolen and Pujols meet with media
Game 2 heroes Scott Rolen and Albert Pujols talk about their contributions
to the Cardinals' big win.
 Morgan Ensberg takes the loss in stride
Morgan Ensberg (left), who drove in two runs, talks about letting the game slip away.
 More clips to hear
 Tony La Russa's postgame interview
 Matt Morris on Albert Pujols' hot hitting
 Tony Womack on Game 2's pivotal plays
 Kiko Calero on his clutch performance
 Edgar Renteria on 2-0 series lead's Fred Claire on potent Cards lineup's Brian McRae on Game 2
 Bob Boone on the Game 2 pitching matchup
 Astros pitching coach Jim Hickey chats with

 Phil Garner's postgame interview
 Carlos Beltran chats with
 Phil Garner joins Stayin' Hot before Game 2
 Brad Ausmus: Phil Garner is the difference
 Jeff Bagwell talks about how to beat the Cardinals
 Mike Lamb talks about his Game 1 home run
 Lance Berkman compares Jimy Williams to Phil Garner
 Adam Everett talks about his broken left wrist

10/13, GAME 1:  Cardinals 10, Astros 7  Wrap >
Astros Gameday Audio
The Astros took an early lead but couldn't hold it against the mighty Cardinals lineup.
English KTRH | Spanish KLAT

Play-by-play highlights
 Carlos Beltran grounds out for final out
 Mike Lamb's solo homer in ninth
 Lance Berkman's two-run shot in eighth
 Astros turn double play to end fourth
 Jeff Kent's two-run homer in fourth
 Carlos Beltran's two-run homer in first
Cardinals Gameday Audio
The Cardinals scored six runs in the sixth inning on their way to a 10-7 win in Game 1.
English KMOX

Play-by-play highlights
 Cardinals wrap up Game 1 win
 Jim Edmonds' three-run double in sixth
 Roger Cedeno's RBI groundout in sixth
 Larry Walker's RBI single in sixth
 Tony Womack's RBI single in sixth
 Scott Rolen's RBI single in fifth
 Larry Walker's RBI double in fifth
 Albert Pujols' two-run homer in first
Jim Edmonds
 Larry Walker on taking Game 1
The Cardinals slugger talks about the team's six-run sixth inning and
the big win in Game 1 of the NLCS.
 Phil Garner's postgame interview
The Astros skipper talks about Game 1 and what he expects from Pete Munro in Game 2.
 More clips to hear
 Albert Pujols on well-balanced attack
 Tony La Russa's postgame interview
 Matt Morris looks at the Astros
 Ray King on the Cards' bullpen
 Ray Lankford on being left off playoff roster
 Former Cards' pitcher Andy Benes chats
 Craig Biggio on rivalry with Cards
 Astros owner Drayton McLane chats with
 Matthew Leach previews the NLCS

 Chad Qualls on his tough outing
 Pitching coach Jim Hickey on Pete Munro
 Jeff Bagwell on not panicking
 Jim Hickey on Brandon Backe's start
 Lance Berkman on his misplay
 Carlos Beltran on his hot hitting
 Brandon Backe on his Game 1 start
 Astros GM chats with
 FOX's Chris Myers talks to Brian McRae

 La Russa addresses media
Cardinals manager Tony La Russa (left) talks about facing the Wild Card-winning Astros.
 Garner on going with Backe
Astros manager Phil Garner discusses his decision to start Brandon Backe against the Cards in Game 1 of the NLCS.
 More clips to hear
 Kent chats with
 Biggio talks about the turning point of the season
 Ausmus talks about Backe
 Bagwell praises Beltran
 Backe not nervous
 Sanders on playing with several teams in playoffs
 Womack talks about his season
 Game 1 starter Williams chats with
 Complete HOU-ATL NLDS audio highlights >

 Isringhausen on the key to the NLCS
 King talks on secret to the Cardinals success
 Kline shows his respect for the Astros
 Cardinals GM Walt Jocketty chats with
 Oswalt chats with
 Berkman talks about the key to the NLCS
 Rolen talks about his health
 Walker talks about playing for the Cards
 Complete LA-STL NLDS audio highlights >