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Adam Dunn has five home runs on Opening Day since reaching the Majors in 2001. (Thomas E. Witte/Getty)
Team REDS 5, CUBS 1 Team
Dunn and Dunn: Two homers propel Reds
Adam Dunn homered in his first two at-bats of the season, giving him 200 for his career, and Aaron Harang shut down an ominous Cubs lineup, allowing one unearned run in seven innings, as the Reds won the opener.  Wrap >
1. CF Alfonso Soriano
2. LF Matt Murton
3. 1B Derrek Lee
4. 3B Aramis Ramirez
5. RF Jacque Jones
6. C Michael Barrett
7. 2B Mark DeRosa
8. SS Cesar Izturis
9. P Carlos Zambrano
1. CF Ryan Freel
2. LF Adam Dunn
3. 2B Brandon Phillips
4. RF Ken Griffey Jr.
5. 3B Edwin Encarnacion
6. 1B Scott Hatteberg
7. SS Alex Gonzalez
8. C David Ross
9. P Aaron Harang
Adam Dunn Dunn's two long balls
Adam Dunn flashed his power on Opening Day, blasting homers off Carlos Zambrano in the first and third innings.   400K
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