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Main Stage Events

Main Stage Events

The Sprint Main Stage at the 2013 Royals FanFest will include several insightful and entertaining programs for fans. The Main Stage action will also feature exciting contests for all ages throughout the event. Join FanFest host Chris Miles, Sluggerrr and the K Crew for all the fun. In addition, the Royals will host a Royals Awards presentation at 1:30 p.m. on the Main Stage.

"Behind the Scenes" - Royals GM Dayton Moore & Manager Ned Yost

General Manager Dayton Moore and Manager Ned Yost open FanFest by discussing all things Royals.

"Throwing Curves" - Royals Pitchers

Members of the Royals pitching staff stand in the batters box and take the heat on stage!

"Covering Ground" - Royals Outfielders

A handful of Royals outfielders gather to answer questions about the upcoming season.

"Around the Horn" - Royals Infielders

Host throws hot shots at some of the Royals infielders.

"Behind the Mic" - Royals Broadcasters

Tune into some unscripted banter with members of the Royals Broadcasting Team!

**Please remember that Sprint Main Stage Events are subject to change.**

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