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Houston Astros Mascot

  Height: Can You Really Put a Measurement on FUN?
Weight: A Lot Less in Outer Space
Species: Homerunus Spectacularus
Birthplace: Foul Territory of the Grand Slam Galaxy
Number: 00
Favorite foods: Bar-B-Q, Breakfast Tacos and Astronaut Ice Cream
Favorite movies: E.T. (He's a Personal Friend), Men in Black (Orbit Swears he knows Will Smith, but we have our doubts), Star Wars (Digs Chewie's Hair Style)
Favorite colors: Blue and orange, but has an affinity for green
Favorite dance move: Moonwalk (Mostly because he's been to the moon!)
Likes: Hugs, high fives, stars and Astros fans
Dislikes: Black Holes

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About Orbit

After the 1999 season, Houston Astros mascot, Orbit, hitched a ride on the space shuttle Discovery to visit his home back in the Grand Slam Galaxy. After founding an intergalactic school for kids and serving diligently in his community, Orbit yearned for Houston and the best fans in baseball.

Time in space sure makes the years fly. After Orbit heard the outcry from fans asking him to come back to their beloved Houston Astros, he knew it was time to return. Orbit is back and ready to lead the Houston Astros and their fans into a new era of baseball.

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Junction Jack

After years of dedication as the Astros team mascot, Junction Jack retired to a carrot ranch in the hill country of Texas. He had heard great things about the area from his long time buddy, the Easter Bunny.