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2015 Postseason Tickets

2015 Postseason Tickets

As a Season Ticket Holder, you have the first priority to reserve tickets for all potential 2015 Postseason games at Progressive Field at a substantial discount over Single Game tickets. By purchasing a strip of Postseason tickets, you ensure access to the ballpark for all games, starting with the Division Series, all the way through Game 7 of the World Series. All games for which you pay that are not played will be applied directly to your 2016 Season Ticket accounts. Your personal invoice is now available through your My Indians Tickets account.

*some exceptions may apply

NOTE: Only Season Ticket Holders who have renewed their tickets for 2016 are eligible to purchase additional strips of tickets. Season Ticket Holders are eligible to purchase the same number of additional strips that they have Season Tickets on their account (quantities are subject to a maximum amount set by the Indians).

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