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2013 Archives Chicago Cubs Baseball Cards

Brand new for 2013, the Chicago Cubs have teamed up with The Topps Company to produce an exclusive limited edition set of Topps Archives Chicago Cubs baseball cards. The 82 card set will only be available at Wrigley Field and will be given away sequentially over the course of 4 games during the 2013 season. Fans and collectors will have the chance to obtain the cards at the following games:

  • Cards 1-20 will be given out on Fri. May 3 vs. Cincinnati Reds*
  • Cards 21-40 will be given out on Fri. July 5 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates*
  • Cards 41-60 will be given out on Fri. August 2 vs. Los Angeles Dodgers*
  • Cards 61-82 will be given out on Fri. August 30 vs. Philadelphia Phillies*
  • *1st 10,000 Fans

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