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My Cubs Tickets

With My Cubs Tickets, your Online Ticket Manager, you can easily manage your season tickets from a secure and convenient location on

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Welcome To My Cubs Tickets
  • When logging in, you will use your Season Ticket Account Number. DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT.
  • The password that you will be using is on the invoice that you received from your Season Ticket Account Representative. The password is case-sensitive so you will have to type it in as is.
  • If you need that password, please contact your Season Ticket Account Representative.
My Ticket Inventory
  1. You may view your ticket inventory by clicking on the month under the "View By Event" tab.
  2. Click on the game that you would like to Transfer, sell on StubHub, or Donate. This will select all tickets under that game.
  3. If you want to do a specific ticket, click on the "+" icon, and select tickets individually.
  4. Once you have selected the tickets, they will appear in the "Selected Tickets" window and you can click on "Transfer", "Sell on StubHub", or "Donate".
    • Ticket transfers have to be completed 2 hours prior to game time.
    • StubHub resale have to be sold 6 hours prior to game time.
    • Donations will have to be completed 2 weeks prior to the game that you wish to donate.
    • Also tickets can only be posted for resale on StubHub one game at a time.
    • Transferring tickets can be done with multiple games to one individual.
  5. The "Details" link is a helpful tool to organize who you gave the tickets to (i.e. John Smith - Client or Jane Smith - Charity Fundraiser).
    1. Free Ticket Transfer
      1. To transfer to a friend or associate, click the “Create New” button and provide their email and name.
      2. Once you transfer tickets to an individual, their information will be saved. You will just have to click on the “Select Recipient” drop down and your previous transfer recipients will be listed.
      3. Shortly after, you will receive an email confirming that you offered your tickets to that individual.
      Receiving a Transfer
      1. When you transfer tickets to a friend or associate, they will receive an email to begin the transfer.
      2. Once they either click the link or copy and paste the URL, they will then be brought to a page to accept or decline the offer.
      3. They will have to enter their contact information as it is necessary to accept the tickets.
        • Choosing Print at Home is free and does not require a credit card to complete the transfer.
        • Please note that individuals who choose Will Call as their method of delivery will have to provide a credit card and will be charged a per ticket fee.
      Selling on StubHub
      1. Before you sell your tickets on StubHub, be sure you have an account with StubHub. It is required to have an account to utilize this feature.
        • Make sure that your Pop Up Blocker is turned off before you click on the ¡§Sell on StubHub¡¨ button.
      2. A new page will appear and you can connect your My Cubs Tickets account with your StubHub account by logging in and clicking the box below that states "Sign me in if coming from my Chicago Cubs account".
      My History
      • In this tab you will be able to see pending and completed transfers, and StubHub resales.
      • To cancel transfers, click on the Offer # and click "Cancel Transfer". You can only cancel transfers if they are pending. Accepted transfers cannot be cancelled.
      • To cancel a StubHub resale, you can click the Offer # and "Delete" the listing. Once they are deleted, the original tickets will be valid.
      • If you "Deactivate" the listing, this will only pause the listing and the tickets will remain on StubHub. If you want to take the listing off of StubHub, you will have to "Delete" the listing.
      My Account
      • Here you will be able to update your email address on your Season Ticket Account (all other information will have to be done through your Season Ticket Representative).
      • You will also be able to Change Password, update Payment Info, or link to your MLB Account.