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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change or update my contact information on my Season Ticket Account?
If you need to change any account information such as mailing address or phone numbers, you will have to contact you Season Ticket Account Representative. You will be able to update your email address online through the My Cubs Tickets online account.
If I misplaced my season ticket(s) or they have been stolen, how can I request duplicate tickets?
Please remember your tickets are like cash and they should be kept secure. Make sure your tickets are in a safe place at all times. Duplicate tickets will be provided to Season Ticket Holders as follows:

Stolen Tickets - Upon receipt of a copy of a police report of theft as filed with your local police department.

Lost Tickets - Tickets will be reprinted for free for up to five games. Any additional requests will require a reprinting fee of $20 per seat per game. This fee is non-refundable. Duplicates can only be picked up on the date of the applicable game(s) at Will Call Window 11.

In each case, only the Season Ticket Holder of record may request duplicates by calling their Season Ticket Account Representative or the Season Ticket Holder Hotline (773) 404-4080.
Can I transfer my Season Ticket Account to another person?
The Chicago Cubs season tickets are not transferable. In the event the tickets are in a company name and the contact person wants to make a change, a formal request in writing, on company letterhead, must be made, and the tickets must remain in the company name. The change must be signed by the account holder of record and an officer of the company.
I attempted to log in with my Season Ticket Account Number and received an error message stating "We cannot find a patron with that username. Please check your spelling and your password (case-sensitive) and try again", what does that error message mean?
If you are logging in with your Season Ticket Account number, the error message above indicates that the password you are entering is incorrect. Please verify the password that is on your invoice and enter the password with the appropriate capitalization and numbers.
Why am I unable to see my tickets in my account?
If you are unable to see your games in your My Ticket Inventory, please make sure that you are logged in under your Season Ticket Account Number. Your personal login for your Cubs Season Tickets will always be your account number. If you are not logged into your account, you will not be able to see your games as they will not populate in any other account that you create.
Is there a cost to electronically transferring individual tickets online?
There is no cost to electronically transferring tickets. This online ticket transfer service is free of charge.
When I transfer tickets electronically, what options does the recipient have to obtain the tickets?
There are two methods of delivery, Print at Home and Will Call. For the Print at Home feature, they will not be charged and they will not have to provide any credit card information. For Will Call, there is a per ticket fee, and they will need to provide a credit card that matches the address they initially provided.
What is the cutoff time for me to electronically transfer tickets to another person?
The cutoff time to electronically transfer tickets and to accept a transfer is 2 hours prior to the game starting (i.e. 11:20 a.m. for a 1:20 p.m. game). After that, the transfer will expire.
Can I electronically transfer tickets or post tickets on StubHub to multiple games in one transaction?
Tickets can only be transferred or posted on StubHub one game at a time.
Do I need a StubHub account in order to sell through the My Cubs Tickets system?
Yes, you will need to register on StubHub before you start selling through My Cubs Tickets.
Why does nothing happen when I click "Sell on StubHub"?
Clicking on "Sell on StubHub" generates a pop up window. You will need to enable pop ups from the My Cubs Tickets website or disable your pop up blocker in order to be redirected to the StubHub sell flow. From there you will log into your StubHub account. You are able to link the two accounts by clicking the box stating "Sign me in if coming from my Chicago Cubs account".
What is the cutoff time for me to sell tickets on StubHub?
The cutoff time to post tickets on StubHub is 6 hours prior to the game starting (i.e. 7:20 a.m. for a 1:20 p.m. game). After that, the posting will expire.
I sold a few of my games on StubHub, how can I see how many tickets I sold and the total amount sold?
You can see that information under your StubHub account. You will not be able to see that through the My Cubs Tickets site. You will log into StubHub, and click My Account. Under the "Selling Tickets" section, click "Payments". Here you can see the amount that you will be receiving. To see how many games you sold, under the same section, click on "Sales" and select the "Completed sales" tab.
Will I be able to donate tickets for every game?
Starting in May, all home games will be available to donate through the My Cubs Tickets site. You will need to complete the donation 2 weeks prior to the game that you wish to donate. Once the donation has been made, you will not be able cancel the donation as all donations are final. You will receive a tax exempt form at the end of the season.