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Benefits to Fans

New concourses, bathrooms, seating and dining options will allow fans to avoid long waits and to enjoy more of the game.

Whether catching fly balls in the bleachers or grabbing autographs from players during pregame warmups, Cubs fans always have enjoyed Wrigley Field's unique experiences. Each year, millions of people visit this iconic ballpark to enjoy America's pastime and share Wrigley Field's traditions. However, this matchless experience isn't guaranteed for future generations if improvements are not made soon.

The restoration and improvement of Wrigley Field gives fans an even better opportunity to experience the incredible atmosphere of the ballpark as there will be more ability to roam concourses, upgraded seating and a larger variety of concessions and additional restrooms.

The plan includes enhancements to premium seating areas. The Suite Level will be expanded with improvements to the finish, amenities, seats and use of space in each suite. In addition to the suite enhancements, there will be an increase in the number of premium spaces to serve fans and Season Ticket Holders. This includes four new ticketed premier clubs: a home-plate club, a first-base club, a third-base club and an upper-level club. Each of these clubs will provide its members with a space separate from their seat, where they can experience a variety of special services and amenities before, during and after the game.

Simply put, the 1060 Project will improve the guest experience and keep millions of Cubs fans coming back to Wrigley Field every year.

The bottom line on fan experience

The improvements to Wrigley Field will preserve the ballpark for generations to come by ensuring the park remains a friendly, enjoyable place to watch the Cubs. The project will maintain the historic and unique features that make Wrigley Field special. The Cubs are earnest about their responsibility to restore and improve Wrigley Field for the next generation of baseball fans.