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Wrigley Field 100 Celebration Book

Chicago Cubs 100 Celebration Book

This one-of-a-kind retrospective is the result of an exhaustive and collaborative effort between Major League Baseball and the Chicago Cubs, featuring both classic stories and rare archived images commemorating the ballpark's first 100 years of history.

On April 23, 1914, Wrigley Field opened its doors for its first baseball game, a Federal League matchup between the Chi-Feds and Kansas City Packers. The first Major League game on Chicago's North Side came two years later, a 7-6 Cubs victory over the Reds on April 20, 1916. And it has endured ever since. Now celebrating its centennial, Wrigley Field - the oldest operating ballpark in the National League - remains nestled into its Chicago neighborhood as the home to the city's beloved ballclub and its loyal fans.

Wrigley Field books are available at the Cubs Store on the corner Clark Street and Addison Street.

Includes exclusive tributes from:
Jimmy Buffett
Mike Ditka
Pat Hughes
Len Kasper

And exclusive tributes to:
Ernie Banks
Kerry Wood
Ron Santo
Andre Dawson
Mark Grace
Sammy Sosa

"What makes Wrigley Field special is that you can look around every time you go and find something that you didn't discover the time before. I sit somewhere different each time, just to take in the park from a new angle. The best way to watch a game has to be during the daytime with some buddies in the bleachers." -Kurt Busch

"The thing we've always loved about the bleachers is that you never know who you're going to meet. One day we talked to some people sitting next to us and joined them after the game. That was the day I met my wife, Cece. We now have five children. Today, while the Ricketts family is responsible for Wrigley Field, it is also true that Wrigley Field is at least somewhat responsible for my family." -Tom Ricketts

"I love Wrigley Field. I love what it stands for. I understand the South Side and Comiskey Park and Soldier Field - I played in all of them. But there's something about Wrigley Field that is Chicago, maybe the North Side more than anything else. It's a great place with great history and I'm glad I was part of it." -Mike Ditka

"In the 2009 Winter Classic, I remember sitting on the bench and looking across at my sons. It was such a surreal moment to play hockey there. It didn't seem right, but it was beautiful.

There's no better venue in North America. People from all over the come to see everything it offers - the experience, the mystique. You'd hate to see something with such history get knocked down. That'll never happen with Wrigley Field. It's going to be there forever." -Chris Chelios

"There's no better place to see a game than the Friendly Confines. You don't simply see a game at Wrigley Field - you experience one. It's magical. It's not just about rooting for the lovable underdogs. It's the ivy, the old scoreboard, the history, the people - grounds crew, ushers, front office, players, batboys and batgirls alike.

Whenever I go to Wrigley Field, I feel fortunate to be part of something that's been passed down from one generation to the next. And once you've been there, no other place compares." -CM Punk